Swami Purnananda regularly offers courses on “Guided Meditation” and “Enneagram and the Essence of Truth.”


Enneagram and the Essence of Truth

When we were in our formative years, we had to respond to the demands that came from our
parents. In forming a strategy, we developed a compulsion based drive that formed the corner
stone of our personality and a habitual response to life. The Enneagram postulates that this
presents 9 personality types and it provides a systematic map of them. By understanding our type
we can grow and by understanding other types, we have the means to understand and empathize
with them.

Understanding the persona, or mask is one thing, but real growth occurs from the realization of
the Truth that sits behind the mask and being attuned to that. This course by revered Swami Purnananda interweaves both of these aspects and provides the basis for genuine change and development.

NOTE: The next course would be conducted on Saturday 10th November – Sunday 11th November 2018 (part 1) and Saturday 24th November – Sunday 25th November 2018 (part 2). For more information, refer to Enneagram Course Information.